New Model: GiottiLine Therry T34


Going continental! Candy Evans checks out this new-look Italian style motorhome


Never heard of GiottiLine? Don’t worry if you haven’t, as you’re not alone. The Italian manufacturer has not been a big player in the UK market in recent years, though it’s become a familiar name on the Continent since 2004. Now part of the French Rapido group, it’s beginning to make its mark in the UK through its distributor Wincham Leisure.




☆ ☆ ☆

This low-profile motorhome won’t be unnecessarily conspicuous on the campsite but still manages to exude Italian flair. It’s a cut above some of its rivals with smart grey bumpers and matching edging around the rear panel, alongside sleek side graphics. It drops down to just four stars on the rating scale because the habitation door is on the driver’s side so if you park in a layby you’ll need to get in and out on the road side in the UK. Otherwise this is a good-looking unit.




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The lovely three-tone furnishings and lime-wash-look cabinetry bring plenty of Italian style to the living area of this T34 as well. The lighting is a feature in itself, with a distinctive curved panel above the seating area.

The rear travelling seats form the longest space for sitting. Add the swivelled cab seats and small side seat around the table and you have enough room for all four occupants to dine in comfort – though access isn’t necessarily all that straightforward for those in the inside seats. I may be a little unfair marking this down by one star, but I’m not a great fan of this motorhome layout because of the restricted space in this area. There’s no long sofa for lounging, for example, but this is one of the compromises of having the lovely large dedicated bedroom at the back. For its design, though, this lounge is well thought-out and will just about accommodate four. It’s perhaps more suited, however, to long sunny days when you can spend most of your time relaxing outside rather than in.



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The L-shaped kitchen is at the heart of the motorhome. It’s fairly basic with just a three-burner gas hob but there’s also a smart, deep butler-style sink in stainless steel. Opposite, by the entrance door, you’ll find a Thetford fridge freezer with an oven above and one of two TV points. The iNet-ready control panel for the Truma heating and the main GiottiLine control panel are here too. Food preparation surface is limited to the glass top on the hob, but there’s plenty of storage space with an eye-level cupboard above and three drawers and a good-sized cupboard underneath the sink area. And you could always use the front table if you need more space.



Beds & Seating

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The pièce de résistance of this T34 is the luxurious double bed in the rear bedroom. It’s a full one-point five-two metres (five feet) wide and comes with shelves on each side, big enough for books and gadgets (taking advantage of the nearby USB points) as well as for that early-morning cup of tea. The bed height is also adjustable so you can raise it up to make the most of the  space underneath or lower it at night for easy access.

The well-designed LED lighting adds to the cosy, relaxing feel back here.

The other two berths are in the form of two single beds at the front. One requires some juggling of the front seating and table while the fourth drops neatly down from the roof at the turn of a key, without the need to move the cab seats.

Seating is provided by an L-shaped seating area around the table behind the cab, a small seat by the entrance door (that’s more comfortable than many such seats in this position) and the sumptuous leather-covered swivelling cab seats.




☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

There are loads of places for your kit in this motorhome. The biggest is the garage at the rear, which can get even larger if you raise the rear bed.

In the bedroom each occupant gets his or her own cupboard, along with a little cut-out shelf by the pillow. Two eye-level cupboards complete the picture.

There’s a fair-sized cupboard for your toiletries in the washroom, while a couple more eye-level units are in the living area, which drop down with the bed.

Add a bit of extra space beneath the seats and cubby holes above the cab and there should be space for everything.




☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


The lime-wash-style cabinetry somehow lifts this cross-the-motorhome washroom above that of its competitors. On one side the toilet compartment is really stylish, finished off with silver and brown edging stripes, and feels wonderfully light and airy. With a decent-length towel rail and shelving for your washing kit, it’s practical too.

Opposite is a separate shower cubicle that boasts a sleek side panel with storage slots for your shampoo and more.

You can shut it all off from the main living area using a solid door, with its own stylish silver highlight stripe.



☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

This bright motorhome has style in abundance and would be perfect for a couple who want to travel – and sleep – in luxury. The living area would be compact for four, but it’s still worth considering if you would like something a little different.


Bailey Pegasus Grande Bologna

Price £ 56,363 *

Length 6.99m

Width 2.32m

MIRO 3,031kg

MTPLM 3,500kg

Berths Four

*on the road